Engelhart TCM
Stair Tread Return Cut Machine



Specially designed machine for the cutting of returns on stair treads.

The TCM will take the dangerous task of cutting returns away from the operator. The operator only needs to insert the stair tread into the machine, and press the foot pedal control. The TCM automatically clamp, and cut a perfect 45 deg. return everytime. Using the TCM, patent cutting system, will also eliminate the kerf cut on the angle that is visible when using traditional saw blades.

Key advantages of the TCM are:
Safety, Quality, Reliability, and High Productivity.

Technical Specifications:
Electrical: 220/440 vac
Motor: 5.5 kw (7.5 hp) frequency drive
Cutter RPM: 2000-3000 infinitely variable
Pneumatics: 6 bar
Dimensions: 39x39x54
Weight: 950lbs

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