CNC Controlled Multi-Function Machine

This fully automatic CNC Controlled hopper-fed use for main cutting tool, a combined set of carbide-tipped disc type milling cutters remarkable for their long life.

Multi-fonction : Turning, sanding, shaping, boring, milling...

Examples of pieces (wood & plastic)
  • Balusters.Chair parts
  • Table parts
  • Billard parts
  • Clarinet, flute, drum stick, string instrument, violon pegs..
  • Fluting, twist profiled shaping

Max. work diameter : 250 mm
Max. work lenght : 1500 mm
  • 4 th fully controlled axis
  • CAD/CAM or ISO program
  • Sanding unit
  • Automatic tool-changing with an 8 position tool magazine
  • Drilling and milling units
  • Hydraulic hopper-fed

If you would like any information regarding this machine
or any other machine please feel free to contact us.