Joker 7000 CD
Numerical Control Copy Lathe

Manufactured in Germany, the Wema Joker CD series lathes consist of
heavy-duty cast iron bases, which are completely rigid, and torsion
free in construction.
Some of the key elements of this latest generation of hydraulic copy lathes are:
The application of hardened ball transfer guide’s which the carriage rides on.
Having the hardened guides on the bed ways, and the ball bearing slides on the
carriage, assures a superior cut quality and dependability.
The lathe knives are positioned very close to the revolving steadies assuring maximum work piece support and vibration free turning.
Machine can come as a single or double hydraulic tracer system.
Simple operator interface for programming of speeds and feeds, as well as
twist work and milling parameters.
Roping and Fluting operations are easily programmed by entering the # of
starts and the lead.
Accessories can be purchased at time of sale or added at a later time.

Standard machine lengths are:
1600mm ( 63” )
2000mm ( 76” )
3500mm ( 122” )

Special size machines available upon request.

If you would like any information regarding this machine
or any other machine please feel free to contact us.