Newport CM-2
End Coping Machine












The Newport CM-2 has been specially designed for the tear free end coping of SDL grills, Window and Cabinet components, and decretive cabinetry.

The CM2 uses 2 high-speed counter-rotating spindles. One spindle with left hand rotation, and the other with right. The spindles are solidly mounted on a single sliding carriage, which moves perpendicular to the work piece

Parts are inserted between the 2 counter rotating cutters, and against the adjustable end stop.

During the cutting cycle, the carriage strokes left bringing the right cutter towards the work piece, then right, bringing the left cutter in and profiling the part.

The cut stroke is simply adjusted so that each cutter only cuts to the center of the part, never exiting the end. Since the part is worked from each end, and the cutters never exit the part, the end result is a perfect end cope, with out tear out or splintering of the ends.

The CM-2 can also be equipped with a drilling head for dowel holes, and an angle coping fence, to cope the ends at different angles

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