Newport MH-4
Half-Lap Haunching Machine

The Newport MH-4 (Half Lap Haunching Machine) is a specially designed machine for the processing of closed miter joints in SDL and TDL bars, window grills, and decorative cabinetry. Using the Newport system of closed miter joints, instead of individually coped parts, results in a stronger and superior assembly, as well as an aesthetically pleasing joint. Most profiles can be processed using the same tooling, thus eliminating additional tooling and labor cost when the profile changes. The MH-4 is equipped with 2 top and bottom milling cutters, and a front and rear dado set. By utilizing a front and rear dado, the vertical and horizontal parts can be worked from the front and back without the need of counter profile blocks or, rotating the parts. Parts off the machine are tear out free and ready for assembly.   
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For full Automatic Processing, See Our

MH-4E   MH-4E.

                                      MH-4EC MH-4EC   (With End Coping )