The Newport MV-3 is specially designed for the quick and efficient processing of miter and closed miter joints in TDL bars, window grills, decorative cabinetry and beaded cabinet face frames producing the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing joinery available.

The MV-3 uses two 45º milling heads and 1 dado blade. the milling operation for joinery is accomplished in one milling cycle as the 45º heads pass through the work piece leaving a 45º miter on both sides. During the same machine cycle, the dado blade will pass on the bottom side of the piece being processed, and cuts the dado joints.

Having two or more pieces produced in this manner will allow you to snap and lock the pieces together using the locking miter joint sytem.

On beaded cabinet face frame construction, an open miter joint system is used. By having the 45º heads pass through the frame components, a 45º joint is cut into the beaded profile. When the pieces are joined together, the beaded frame members have a perfect 45º miter joint on the bead.

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